The Couple and Family Attachment Lab (CFALab) is a team of Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychoanalysts and Researchers. CFALab main aim is to investigate couple and family relationships. The Lab research activities are carried out in different areas, with a particular emphasis on assessment in infancy and adulthood, couples relationships and psychotherapy. To further investigate the various difficulties that couples and families often face, the CFALab focuses mainly on the study of violence, adoptions, eating disorders. The theoretical paradigms that CFALab follows (psychoanalysis and attachment theory, primarily) guide the assessment process. Over time, the Team has developed a deep knowledge of several assessment measures and systems through the attendance of training courses and reliability processes (e.g., Current Relationship Interview, Adult Attachment Interview, Conflict in the Interparental System Coding Scale, Reflective Functioning Scale, Child Attachment Interview, Manchester Child Attachment Story Task, Strange Situation Procedure, Family Drawing).
So far, CFALab research activities - coordinated by the Principal Investigator (Prof. Giulio Cesare Zavattini) - have led to the publication of several journal articles and books.